The Land & Life Foundation is the charitable face of Elewana and Cheli & Peacock Safaris. Working with communities and conservation projects in the areas surrounding Elewana’s properties, the Land & Life Foundation supports local people and preserves the wildlife and habitats of these important landscapes. With all operational costs covered by Elewana, 100% of every single donation goes straight to benefiting the communities, schools and wildlife in the areas where we work.


Passion for wildlife conservation cannot exist without knowledge about wildlife. The Land & Life Foundation continues the commitment to educate the next generation of conservationists, to build a passion for wildlife in East Africa’s key conservation areas and to inspire the communities we work with to conserve East Africa’s wildlife for generations to come. The Wildlife Warrior Program currently includes up to 2,200 children across Kenya and Tanzania. Our termly Wildlife Warrior Club activities include trivia, poetry, drama, art and story writing competitions, and all are designed to promote inter-generational knowledge sharing, innovative thinking and proactive wildlife conservation.

  • By 2018 up to 40 of our best young conservationists from the program to date will have been awarded with Wildlife Warrior Scholarships for the rest of their primary and secondary schooling, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Our aim is to raise enough funds to increase our scholarship base by a minimum of 10 new scholars each year.


Elewana strongly believes that providing tangible benefits to communities living around protected areas is paramount to the sustainability of East Africa’s wildlife and habitats. Most of these rural communities have access to poor education and health services, typically characterised by lack of supplies and facilities as well as stretched workforces with inadequate skills. The Land & Life Foundation works closely with schools and clinics to tackle these issues by helping to identify their development priorities and raise funds from travelling philanthropists to finance their requests, whether for supplies, infrastructure or training.

  • In the past 5 years, we have provided free healthcare to over 1,285 patients, as well as trained clinicians from 5 clinics across Kenya, serving nearly 40,000 people. We also support primary schools near Elewana properties in Kenya and Tanzania, to which we have donated well over $300,000 in stationary supplies, books, desks, sports equipment and kits, uniforms, classrooms, kitchens, drought-relief food provisions and scholarships over the past 5 years, all thanks to the generosity of our guests.


With our properties in some of the most biodiverse areas on the continent, Elewana embraces the responsibility of helping to protect both the habitat in which the wildlife live as well as specific vulnerable and endangered wildlife species. In both Kenya and Tanzania we have been pioneers in supporting what we call “Parks Beyond Parks” - conservation areas that lie outside of nationally protected parks. In total in both countries we play a key role in protecting land extending to over 1.36 million acres.

We are supporting operations in conservation areas across Kenya and Tanzania, including initiatives from anti-poaching in Amboseli and human-elephant conflict mitigation in Tarangire, to turtle and colobus monkey conservation in Diani.

  • Tortilis Camp, Elephant Pepper Camp, Tarangire Treetops and Kitich Camp have all been pivotal in driving the development of community-owned wildlife conservancies. In each case, the land outside of national parks and reserves has been secured solely for the preservation for wildlife, with lease, conservancy and/or bed night fees going directly to the owning/managing community. Community-owned wildlife conservancy models have proven incredibly effective, providing tangible benefits to communities in exchange for protection of wildlife areas.
  • AfroChic Diani Beach very proudly supports the Diani Turtle Watch, operating under Local Ocean Trust. A section of beach in front of AfroChic provides the ideal egg-laying conditions for Sea Turtles. AfroChic provides important monitoring, data collection, and security to the turtles using the beach. Guests of AfroChic are encouraged to help support the conservation program.
  • Tarangire Treetops is one of the largest contributors to the conservation projects of Randilen Wildlife Management Area, administered by Honeyguide Foundation. One of their most important projects is in human/wildlife conflict management, working to mitigate conflict between local farmers and elephants.
Our Locations

Loisaba Tented Camp

Loisaba Conservancy, Laikipia

Loisaba Star Beds

Loisaba Conservancy, Laikipia

Lewa Safari Camp

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Kifaru House

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Elsa's Kopje

Mughwango Hill, Meru National Park

Elsa's Kopje

Mara North Conservancy, within Masai Mara.

Sand River

Masai Mara National Reserve

Tortilis Camp Amboseli

Kitirua Private Conservancy, bordering Amboseli National Park

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha, Burka Coffee Estate

Tarangire Treetops

Randilen Wildlife Management Area, bordering Tarangire National Park

The Manor at Ngorongoro

Shangri-La Coffee Estate, adjacent to Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Serengeti Pioneer Camp

Southern Central Serengeti

Serengeti Migration Camp

Northern Serengeti National Park

AfroChic Diani

North Diani Beach

Kilindi Zanzibar

Northwest Zanzibar