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We are delighted to announce that the Elewana Collection has been nominated as one of Africa's Leading Boutique Hotel Brand and four of our properties have been selected for different categories in the prestigious World Travel Awards. We would be extremely grateful for the support of our loyal guests and partners like you, to take a couple of minutes to vote for us.

World Travel Awards 2020, one of the most industry recognized awards, is now open for voting. Below are the nominations and the different categories, please vote for the Elewana Collection Brand and the properties listed;

Elewana Collection

  • Africa's Leading Boutique Hotel Brand

Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru

  • Kenya's Leading Safari Lodge

Elewana Serenegti Pioneer Camp

  • Tanzania's Leading Tented Safari Camp

Elewana AfroChic Diani Beach

  • Africa's Leading Beach Resort

Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp Masai Mara

  • Africa's Leading Tented Safari Camp
  • Kenya's Leading Tented Safari Camp

Vote Now

How To Vote:

  1. Please register at https://www.worldtravelawards.com/vote and verify your email (Your votes will be recorded but will only be counted once you verify your email address)
  2. Industry votes receive double weighting, so please register with a work email address if you have one
  3. Select a region from the Region Menu (The region menu is at the bottom of the page or you can find it in the sub-menu on the left)
  4. Select an Award Category (The award categories are shown below the nominee list). You may choose the relevant categories as per the list.
  5. To vote for a nominee click on the radio button to the left of the nominee name. Your vote will be logged and the next award will appear. (Nominees are listed alphabetically within the award)
  6. You can skip ahead by selecting the "Skip this award" option, or you may choose the relevant categories as listed.
  7. Votes can be edited while voting is open. To amend your vote select the Region from the sub-menu on the left and then the award from under My Votes or Skipped Awards.

* Please note voting closes at 6pm (GMT) on 24th September 2020.

Thank you for your time and support in voting for us.