Klaus at Tortilis Camp

Internationally renowned fine arts photographer Klaus Tiedge, successfully traversed the boundaries between painting and photography, capturing the pure beauty and diversity of the African continent.

Klaus was an incredible inspiration for so many in the dealing with his cancer illness from when he got first diagnosed in April 2017. Throughout his journey Klaus kept a positive attitude towards life and living and besides conservative treatment he did not stop implementing new avenues of healing like special diets, qui gong, acupuncture and meditation. But it was also his work, pushing for new projects that kept him moving forward, even though the most difficult times.

He is loved for his humble and humorous spirit his love for the beauty of nature and life.

In honour of Klaus as a person and his remarkable work we would love to see his legacy to live on. All original photographs by Klaus Tiedge are continued to be available as limited edition prints and will from now on be released as an estate copy with an embossing stamp and authorisation by Sandra Tiedge.

Klaus's Journey Continues....

There is a tremendous amount of footage and unreleased images, which will be released to tell Klaus's Story. Follow his journey here as more is uncovered from the behind the scenes footage in the build up to the official launch of "Safari of my Life".

One of his favourite places was Amboseli National Park, where he stayed at Elewana Tortilis Camp and took many beautiful photographs and captured the true essence of this incredible place, which can be seen in the video links below;

He simply is an inspiration for all of us in so many ways.