Following his dreams to join Elewanas Guiding team

David Machira joined the Elewana Collection 6 years ago when our Elewana Sand River Camp was just an idea and a dream. Once the lodge was built six years ago he was employed as head askari (guard). He has always been a pillar in our Sand River family and his hard work and dedication is inspirational. David has had one dream since joining us and that is to become a guide. After years of hard work and self-improvement, David is now joining our  guiding team. A massive congratulations to you David and well done on never giving up on your dream.

Elewana Collection prides itself on its fun, experienced and knowledgeable guides. Most guides come from the local area and have an intimate knowledge of their surroundings - what makes each season different from the last and how the local wildlife families interact, grow and change from one year to the next. All guides are minimum Bronze KPSGA qualification, (or comparable in Tanzania), and many have achieved the prestigious Silver or Gold level. Elewana Collection continually invests in Guide training to ensure we have the best guides in Africa. Our guides are trained on a regular basis to ensure they are at the top of their field, in our continued efforts to make sure guests have a superior experience when they stay at an Elewana property. 

The Guiding team comprise of passionate individuals that love the bush and its inhabitants, big and small and are compassionate about the communities in which we operate. David Machira is a shining example of the kind of individual that will fit perfectly into the Guiding team. Welcome on board and continue to soar as you follow your dream. 

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

Albert Einstein