kindness is a language

“Everyone should know sign language” Winnie, Shanga, September 2019

Why isn’t sign language taught in every school?

At some point in our lives we will meet someone who is deaf. Could you greet them? Ask them how they are? Ask them their name? Fundamental to all of us and greetings the rest of us take for granted.

September was a busy month for Shanga being the International Awareness Month of the Deaf incorporating the International Week of the Deaf (23rd - 29th) and celebrating the International Day of Sign Language on the 23rd.

So much to celebrate, share, teach and learn. Everyday this month we encouraged visitors to Shanga to learn a couple of sign greetings and everyone was keen to learn more. We celebrated with all our staff (14 who are deaf) those fluent in sign language, those learning and those teaching. By exposing our visitors to forms of non-verbal communication, we hope they will feel inspired to learn more when they return to their homes.

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