shanga family day

Our very first Family Day was an unexpected surprise to celebrate the upcoming festive season at Shanga, full of children’s laughter and cheerful chatter from all. Having never had an event like this before the staff approached the day with a little uncertainty. What was going to happen? 

First staff were asked to invite their immediate family to come and join them for the afternoon. To see where they work, what they do, meet their team members and have a party. 

What a party was had. Mums, Dads, children of all ages, brothers, sisters and a few Bibi’s (grandmothers) all arrived beautiful dressed to see our workshop and be with their families. Lunch was shared including “mbuzi” and ice creams. Music and “MC”ing were supplied by Cleophas, George Brown, Jackson and Abuu. They had everyone dancing sharing their smooth moves including all our visitors from Arusha Coffee Lodge. We had to apologize to them that they wouldn’t see much being made that day, gladly the dancing guests replied, “wow, this is even more special. So pleased you included us.” 

We had over 250 people visit the workshop over the course of the day. Children went home with painted faces, “Shanga” bracelets they had made themselves and tired but very happy faces. Their parents went home extremely proud to have been able to share such a beautiful and great day and a special beginning to the festive season. 

“Krismasi njema” (Happy Christmas) from all of us to all of you.