Land & Life Foundation recently offered a free medical camp for all women, men, youth and children in collaboration with the CHP Aitong Health Centre, in Aitong town, near Elewana’s Sand River Masai Mara camp, as well as support of school provisions for the Ganako Primary School, located near the Manor at Ngorongoro.

This month, L&L supported a team of volunteer doctors in collaboration with the CHP Aitong Health Centre, in Aitong town, provided families with services free of charge including dental check-ups, eye examinations, gynaecological, paediatrics and general medicine. In addition, women who were screened and tested positive for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) received free consultation and treatment.

L&L has also been supporting Ganako Primary School, which neighbours the Manor at Ngorongoro, with fundraising for developments and provision of school supplies. The school, which has a number of students with special needs, has received over 150 textbooks and school stationery. There is still more that can be done to develop the school's infrastructure and L&L hopes to keep supporting the school’s needs with supplies, infrastructure and sport equipment.

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