Elewana Collection celebrates World Environment Day!


We’re proud to say that Elewana Collection has made considerable efforts to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment around us. We strongly believe in the power of conservation and do our best to promote this with the communities we work with, our teams and of course our guests.

Our properties are eco- rated, use solar power as much as possible and in the last couple of years we have also made great strides in reducing our use of plastic.

We started with the our #banthebottle initiative which saw each guest at our properties receiving and aluminum re-useable bottle that they could fill up at filling points within in the property, thus eliminating our use of plastic water bottles.

At the beginning of this year, we were the first in East Africa to eliminate the use of plastic straws. We now offer biodegradable paper straws and encourage guests to go to #warwiththestraw.

And it doesn’t end there…