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Elewana Tarangire Treetops accommodation interior of Treehouse Suite

CNT RCA WINNER GRAPHICProperties in both Kenya and Tanzania have been honoured with Best in Africa and Best in Country. Elewana Tarangire Treetops has been voted #7 in 12 Best Resorts in Africa and Elewana Lewa Safari Camp came in at #4 in Top 12 Resorts in Kenya. Elewana Sand River Masai Mara was given the accolade of #7 in Top 12 Resorts in Kenya and Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru received #8 in Top 12 Resorts in Kenya.

More than 800,000 Condé Nast Traveler readers submitted responses rating their travel experiences across the globe to provide a full snapshot about the places they can’t wait to return to next.

 “We are very grateful to our many guests and partners who voted for us this year and humbled by the outpouring of their support, especially during this challenging time in travel,” says Kieran Day, Non Executive Director for Elewana Collection. “These awards are a positive tribute to the wonderful efforts by every team member at each Elewana Collection property to deliver an unmatched level of personalised service, exceptional experiences and genuine hospitality to our guests.”

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From the 11th of October Tanzania joined Kenya on its removal from the UK’s red list. That coupled with the recent announcement that UK travellers will no longer have to quarantine on arrival in Kenya makes travel substantially easier. Tourists to both countries will still have to provide a negative PCR test taken before departure and fill in the necessary paperwork, but these announcements make for a much-welcomed positive direction in the resumption of travel between the U.K. and East Africa.

Loisaba Star Beds View of Stars

Elewana has partnered with the Travelling Telescope to enable guests to enjoy the night sky as never before through a telescope powerful enough to see the mountains of the moon. The Star Safari is guided by seasoned astronomers who will offer a tour of the African night sky and share the wonders of both the latest scientific discoveries and exploration, coupled with the rich history of traditional sky knowledge in Kenya.

Kenya straddles the equator, which means that both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres are on display allowing guests to view the different constellations found in each. The equator is also the best location to view the planets and the moon as it is where they can pass overhead, meaning telescope views are less affected by the atmosphere wobbling the light, resulting in the sharpest views possible.

Through the powerful computerised telescope, participants will get a chance to drive it across the surface of the Moon and see its mountains, craters and ancient lava fields. The naked-eye planets are also very visible through the telescope.  See Saturn and its rings and learn about some of the fascinating moons around it.  Enjoy views of the constantly changing moons of Jupiter and learn about the ocean beneath the ice of Europa and the possibilities of life there.  Explore the deeper skies and watch stars forming (slowly) in stellar nurseries, and the much older globular clusters.  Guests will also learn about the different constellations in our sky, and how modern life really began once we started to understand and predict the changing seasons.

The Star Safari must be booked in advance of travel and prices vary from camp to camp. For more information contact our reservations team.

Special Offers

Ultimate Exclusivity

Guests can enjoy elevated privacy with the added benefit of a private guide and game vehicle on bookings of seven plus nights at one or more Elewana bush properties. Bookings are on a first come, first-serve basis for November and December 2021 and require a minimum booking of two people. Get in touch with us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about how you can apply our circuit discounts as well.

In The Community


Dina Willson has been appointed to the role of Operations & Finance Manager - Acting. Having worked with Shanga for more than 5 years, she has extensive knowledge of all of Shanga's operations and has a strong commitment to the company’s core mission. To enhance her existing experience Dina is also in the process of completing an MBA in Business Administration.

Dina comments of the appointment “During my time at Shanga so far I have been lucky to work with amazing people who have encouraged and supported me to develop my management and leadership skills that have enabled me to obtain my new position. Thanks to all of them.”

One of Dina’s main motivations and why she loves working at Shanga is she sees first-hand the impact it has both on individuals and within the community in general. Nothing beats the smiles of those supported by the business on a daily basis.

From Our Conservation Partners

Lewa WPY MartinBuzora TheSurrogateMother

Lewa continues to lead the way in rhino conservation with another successive year of record-breaking births. This year, 24 rhino calves have been born on Lewa and Borana to date, a record number, bringing the total number of rhinos to 238. 

With the incredible success of the Rhino Conservation Programme comes an increased need for security, tracking, research, habitat management, and additional vital resources. The poaching threats are ever present and Lewa’s teams remain committed to ensuring the rhinos on Lewa, as well as other critically endangered species, remain safe and can thrive for generations to come. For this reason, Lewa has had to increase the conservancy fees for 2022, which have been adjusted for overnight non-Kenya residents to US$134 including VAT and for Day Non-Kenya residents to US$210 including VAT.

Inside Information From The Team

Elewana Loisaba Star Beds beroom kids

What makes the Star Beds such a special experience

There are only four rooms so therefore it’s very quiet with a home away from home feel. The rooms are open so that the beds can be wheeled out onto the deck at night for the guests to sleep under the stars. Each room has their own unique view, but all have a view of the water hole. You are very close to nature and all sounds are intense and exhilarating. 

What stars and constellations do guests often see as they fall asleep at night

The star constellations that are normally seen include Scorpio Sagittarius, Virgo, and Libra. We recommend using an app called sky view lite to allow guests to study the stars at their leisure. You can also see the milky way shining brightly on a clear night. 

There are plenty of nocturnal animals in the bush, what will guests most likely hear at night

Guests will likely hear Hyenas, lion, elephants, zebra, baboons, rock hyrax and many more including a variety of bird life as well. 

Have there ever been any animal surprises

No to my knowledge apart from a semi-tame genet cat that comes every now and again into the sitting area just to see who’s around and then leaves.

Tell us a little about the walking safaris from the Star Beds

Walking Safaris from Star Beds are great as it gives the guest a different perspective on seeing animals as they have to be very quiet and alert. The walks are accompanied by traditional Samburu guides whose knowledge of local flora, fauna, culture and history is unmatched.

Could you explain a little about the sleeping experience

It's amazing and out of this world to be able to sleep under the stars and see the stars without the light pollution of a nearby town or city. Well worth the trip and in such a beautiful part of Kenya too. Loisaba will have something for everyone to take away as a memory.  Make the Star Beds a stop on your journey as it’s out of this world and all the guest that we have had to stay leave saying it has been one of the best stops that they have had on their safari.