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Guests traveling in low season can enjoy the magic of the African bush all to themselves with a booking of just four nights plus at Elewana circuit properties.

A safari taken from the 1st March to 31st May 2023 or the 1st November to 15th December 2023 over four nights in length will be eligible for private use of the safari vehicle and guide. Terms and conditions apply, applicable to non-resident rates only and subject to availability.

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A winter sun beach holiday has rarely been more appealing with a discount of almost a third for travel in April and from the 1st November to 20th December 2023. Guests simply need to book before the 6th March to secure this fantastic offer.

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Having traditionally closed for the month of April, this year will see an exception at Kilindi, due to popular demand from bookings. Traditionally seen as a low season window, travellers are bucking the trend and confirming their spot of paradise away from the cooler climates that many countries experience in April. There is still plenty of availability in the stunning white dome pavilions, so take advantage of the low season offer and book a stay on the colourful Spice Island.

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Elewana are taking advantage of the quieter months for Serengeti Migration Camp to close for some housekeeping and a light refurbishment. Guests are encouraged to book at Serengeti Pioneer Camp where the migration is in full swing and they can enjoy the best of the teaming plains at this time of year.

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Kilindi Zanzibar is located on the north-west coast of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archipelago off Tanzania’s coast. The stylish boutique property is made up of fifteen spacious, white-domed pavilion guest rooms, set in fifty acres of lush tropical beach front gardens. With an adult-only policy, this is the ideal retreat to find some welcome rest and relaxation.

All the guest pavilions have their own private plunge pool and separate outdoor ‘rain shower’. Recent renovations mean that all bedrooms now have air conditioning, if the sea breeze is not ample to keep residents cool enough.

The menu at Kilindi reflects the ocean-side dining with fresh seafood available daily. Chefs are inspired by the abundance of local spices and guests can expect to indulge in local specialties. There are also cookery classes on offer for those wanting to expand their repertoire of dishes with tropical inspiration.

An on-site spa offers a selection of treatments and massages. Yoga instruction is also available to pre-book. For guests wanting to explore, excursions include a historical Stone Town tour and an Island spice tour. Ocean fairing activities include a private sunset dhow cruise and a blue dolphin and snorkelling tour.

Kilindi is unique in its style with the original design being built for Benny Andersson, one of the members of the 1970’s pop group ABBA.


As part of its education support programs, the Land & Life Foundation this month donated 1485 pencil cases and clipboards to students in the Amboseli, Mara, and Meru regions of Kenya.

The Elewana Collection teams at Tortilis Camp Amboseli and Elephant Pepper Camp Mara visited their neighbouring schools of Esiteti Primary and Ololomei Primary respectively and distributed the supplies to the students at these schools. The team from Elsa’s Kopje Meru are also planning to distribute supplies to all the students at their neighbouring school, Ura Gate Primary.

One of the goals of Land & Life’s educational support programs is to help ensure that students have the supplies they need to excel in their studies. Supplies such as pencil cases and clipboards help students stay organized, focus on their work, and create a positive learning environment.

Land & Life Foundation and Elewana Collection are proud to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of students in East Africa.

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Applications are now being accepted for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s Young Conservationist Programme being held from 23 July – 5 August 2023. An adventure awaits for young people who are passionate about wildlife conservation, bringing together international and Kenyan young adults with this cross-cultural, experiential learning programme. Participants will spend two weeks on the front lines of wildlife conservation in Africa, exploring the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Il Ngwesi Community Conservancy, experiencing the diverse successes and challenges facing wildlife conservation and sustainability in a modernizing Africa.

The programme aims to ensure students from around the world and Kenya gain skills and forge relationships to last a lifetime, guiding them to become the next generation of wildlife advocates. Application deadline is 4 April 2023 and tuition is USD $4,850. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the programme.

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Conservationists at Lewa Conservancy were excited to discover seven pancake tortoises in 2019 during their first attempt to assess the presence of the critically endangered species. Since then, thanks to the incredible work across the Lewa-Borana landscape, Leparua, IL Ngwesi, and Lekurruki Conservancies, as well as Leparua community areas, the number has greatly increased to 152 pancake tortoises reported thus far. The pancake tortoise has a distinct morphology, unlike other species with a very thin, flat, flexible, and perforated shell, making them lightweight and deft. This allows the tiny tortoises to flee danger while their counterparts retreat into their shell.

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We spoke with Alfred Izauri Lagweny, the wonderful guide at Elephant Pepper Camp, this month to learn more about why he became a guide, what he loves about his work and why the property is favourite amongst guests.

How did you become a guide?

I was born in the Central part of Kenya, on the northwest side of Mount Kenya, next to one of the most famous wildlife conservancies called Olpejeta Conservancy, which is near Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

I remember back in the 1990s when I was attending school in my small village called Segera, our grandparents used to teach us every day before going to school that we always needed to learn and spot the signs of the wild on our way to school, from footprints to listening to their sounds, including some birds singing, for clues of any danger ahead. That's how it all started when I was a young boy. I love it to this day.

Why did you become a guide?

I became a guide because it's the best office ever and it gives me an opportunity to meet with people from different parts of the world. It allows me to see animals in their natural habitat which is my passion.

How long have you been guide at Elephant Pepper Camp?

It's always good to part of highly reputable company like Elewana Collection and I have been guiding here for over a year. Previously, I worked with camps in Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia.

What makes Elephant Pepper Camp special from a wildlife viewing perspective?

Elephant Pepper Camp is located in the core area of the Conservancy. Our camp is surrounded by animals from all sides. We have a swamp, the elephant maternity ‘room’, salt lick and water hole close to our camp. Our restaurant has the best viewing area. All of our rooms have a wide view of the plains where all animals come to graze. Guests watch all of these animals from the balcony of their rooms.

What is your most memorable animal sighting?

Wow. A few months ago something unbelievable happened. One morning close to the Elephant Pepper Camp, I was with two photographer guests. At around 6.30 a.m., we come across three male lions from one of three main prides of lions. We see them often. In our presence, they killed one male lion from a different pride; it took 30 minutes for the three very strong unmatched male lions to kill that poor male lion from a different pride. It was so brutal. Truly, it's so tough to be a male lion.

What’s your best tip for avoiding the crowds on safari?

I always consider the Conservancy rules and regulations; I honour our company’s guide code of conduct. I know that I have an obligation in conservation matters. I have a role to play in bequeathing the next generation of this treasure. I make my guests aware of this as well.

What are your tips for guests who are coming on their first safari?

Before they arrive in the country, it is very important for them to read a few things about our country, the people, the culture, and the weather. It is equally very critical to book into reputable hotels such as Elewana. It helps a lot for them to express their expectations to the booking agents so that their expectations are matched well to avoid disappointments. They need to know that Kenya has a lot to offer, and that Kenyans are very welcoming.