Passengers to Zanzibar are being warned not to travel with single-use plastics to the island. This comes after the government began to strictly enforce a ban on all plastic bags, including zip lock bags, which was announced in October last year.

When reading the distressing impact of single-use plastic on wildlife and the environment we must all recognise that plastic never goes away. Plastic is a durable material made to last forever, yet 33 percent of it is used once and then discarded. Plastic does not biodegrade; it only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces – Elewana is proud to have taken such a stand and joined the many organisations around the world to eliminate its plastic waste.

Elewana Collection has made considerable efforts to reduce its carbon footprint on the world around us. We strongly believe in the importance of conservation and we do our best to promote these values with the communities we work in, with our teams, and of course with our guests. In the last couple of years we have made great strides in reducing single use plastic. We started with the #banthebottle initiative, eliminating our use of plastic water bottles, and then at the beginning of last year, we were the first property group in East Africa to eliminate the use of plastic straws across all our properties. We now offer biodegradable paper straws and encourage guests to go to #warwiththestraw.