Now You Sea Turtles Asset

Responsible tourism is a key focus for each and every Elewana Collection property, be it revenue-sharing projects that support local conservancies, sponsorship of schools or conservation initiatives. Property managers are passionate about their local environments and communities, and constantly strive to find new and sustainable eco-friendly ways to protect and support them. One of these being the conservation of turtles.

Local Ocean Conservation: Watamu Turtle Watch have launched their campaign to raise awareness of the environmental and conservation challenges on the Kenya coast, which is famous for its pristine beaches, turquoise warm waters and exceptional marine life. This idyllic holiday destination is home to iconic sea species, including various endangered turtles. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to visit, or perhaps it’s on your bucket list!

Unfortunately, this tropical coast is rapidly changing as a result of climate change and its unpredictable impacts, as well as unsustainable practices and ever-growing plastic pollution. These challenges are big and complex. But Now You Sea hope.

For over two decades, Local Ocean Conservation have been meeting these challenges head-on to help save the endangered sea turtles and other marine species. Not many people recognise that  Sea Turtles are an amazing indicator species for ocean health. This means their health, presence, absence or abundance reflects the environmental conditions of the ecosystem they inhabit. So, if we protect and enhance the environmental elements that sea turtles need to thrive, humanity and other species also benefit!

Local Ocean Conservation’s 22-year track record

  • 18,000 turtle rescues and releases 
  • 997 turtle nests protected
  • 75,000 turtle hatchlings made it safely to the ocean

Local Ocean Conservation plans to scale-up their programmes and build on skills and capabilities of the organization, in order to realise these initiatives, they need to raise funds. They have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign called Now You Sea Turtles, which will run until mid-August 2019 and their goal is to raise USD 250,000 

You can be a part of this journey by supporting their crowdfunding campaign, Now You Sea Turtles.

Please help us spread the word so that together we can protect sea turtles and the environments they and many others rely on to survive.