Most Instagrammable places

Instagram has changed travel forever – with instant access to images from around the world showing numerous experiences and many people now choose their next destination based on its instagrammability. With over 346 million posts on #travel, it’s clear that Instagram is not only a getaway from our day-to-day lives — but a gateway to an actual destination as well. A Facebook study found that 67 per cent of travel enthusiasts on Instagram use the platform to look for inspiration for new places to travel to. And a similar number (62 per cent) used Instagram to build excitement for new trips.

Travel brochures and adverts in newspapers were once the only means of enticing people to travel, but not anymore. As social media advances, people go online and ‘research’ their next destination through Instagram, Facebook and a whole host of other sites to find out what friends, family or influencers recommend, to inspire their next travel adventure. Nowadays, a single post about a beach getaway or exotic destination is enough to fuel the ‘travel bug’ in anyone. Knowing that other people have enjoyed an experience is more than enough reason for travellers to plan one themselves.

There are countless places in Kenya and Tanzania, which should be on every ‘most instagrammable’ list as both countries offer spectacular landscape, wildlife and a variety of experiences that can be captured and shared.

Departures listed Zanzibar as one of the places in This Year's Most Instagrammable Destinations;

‘The first rule of Instagram in Zanzibar is to rise early—because the sunrises are unreal, and the island looks beautiful right as it’s waking up. Visiting Stone Town is also essential for any photographer—amateur or professional. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Stone Town has Instagram detail for days, from the narrow streets to the unique doorways made mostly of carved wood. Still on the rise as a photogenic destination, now is the time to head to Zanzibar to experience the wonders of Darajani Market and Old Fort.’

Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar is the ultimate romantic destination, the perfect place to enjoy the harmony of the ocean and spend time with the one you love. Set in a picturesque tropical garden with its secluded beachfront, the luxurious Pavilion suites embrace wide-arched glassless windows affording spectacular views over the Indian Ocean.

Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp made it all the way to the 'Elite Eight' (Round 4) of Luxury Travel Advisors World's Most Instagrammable Hotel Award. The competition was intense with leading hotels from around the world seeded so we feel privileged to be listed amongst the very best and proud to claim Most Instagrammable Hotel in Africa!

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