Treatment and collaring a lion in Loisaba

Earlier this month the Lion Landscape team at Loisaba Conservancy with the help of the Kenya Wildlife Service affiliated Ol Pejeta veterinary service successfully treated and collared an injured lioness. The Collar will help the team keep a close eye on the progress of the lioness while also contributing to the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict and long term data in Laikipia.

Lion Landscapes was founded in April 2016 with the aim of addressing key challenges facing carnivore conservation today. Their approach is collaborative and adaptive so they can strengthen current conservation efforts to secure important landscapes for viable populations of large carnivores. We do this in three main ways:

  1. Building Partnerships: Available resources for conservation are often used inefficiently due to a lack of collaboration between key stakeholders working in the same landscape. We develop programs in partnership with government organisations, NGO’s, private enterprises, and local communities, to more efficiently achieve shared conservation goals.
  2. Science and Data: Available resources are often allocated on the basis of emotional rather than data-based decisions. We provide science and data based support to large carnivore conservation and management by designing and implementing robust monitoring and scientific research programmes.
  3. Innovation: Lack of a sustainability in current conservation models; most wildlife areas do not create enough value (e.g. from toursim or other wildlife based income) to support local communities and and ongoing conservation efforts. Our partnerships programs create innovative solutions with financial and ecological sustainability in mind.

Elewana Collection has two award winning properties in Loisaba Conservancy, with a third to open in June, where you can stay and explore this incredible destination and indulge in the adventures that await. Learn more about the cutting-edge conservation efforts in the area and our Partners, who strive to protect our wildlife and work with the communities to ensure this prime ecosystem is safe for generations to come.