family safaris

Family and multi generation travel has become more and more popular over the years. The world is far smaller than just a generation ago. More excotic destinations and travel fantasies are now realistic as multitude of experiences amaze all ages. As children wake with feverish excitement, parents live out their dream travel and the entire family creates memories of a lifetime. 

At SkySafari we are intimately aware of just how important family time is in this increasingly hectic and distracting world.

SkySafari Team would love taking your family groups to the bush to disconnect, focus on what is important and block out the rest.

The bush is a wondrous place and there can be fewer more gratifying experience than witnessing your child waking up to the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world.

Our SkySafari itineraris take guests to the highlights of East Africa, visiting Elewana camps in a wide variety of environments, presenting a huge range of wildlife species and a plethora of activities to keep all families members engaged and busy.