Due to the pandemic, student Juliette Zelleke was unable to return to the University of Trinity Saint David in Wales and so had no access to the University workshop spaces. Shanga kindly hosted Juliette and the team rallied to help make her designs and concepts a reality. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and everyone helped each other with creative ideas.

Juliette worked with the glass blowing department and commented on her experience “Luckily, with the help of Shanga I was able to work with glass and a new technical style that I would have otherwise not been able to work in. The team helped me push my ideas and designs further and think of glass in a new way. Trying things that I had previously no experience with and mixing materials to create new shapes was a challenge that we all enjoyed as well as finding creative solutions to the problems we faced. The team were all very patient and able to help me realise my designs to a very high technical standard. It was an experience that I am very grateful for and I cannot wait to get back and work with the Shanga team again."