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If Loisaba wasn’t already enough of a life changing experience, there are now helicopter tours available that will add another epic aspect to this incredible region. There are five new excursions available from a one-hour scenic flight to overnight tours into the Rift Valley.

The one-hour excursion takes guests to the surrounding areas of Loisaba including a flight down the Ewaso river past Ol Malo and towards the Sasaab area. A pleasant low and slow flying experience through scenic valleys, past rock kopjes, with lots of wildlife to see along the river.

The two-hour scenic sundowner/picnic flight follows a similar but slightly longer route and incorporates landing in a spectacular spot for a bush breakfast, coffee break or sundowner. 

The Reteti Scenic and Orphanage visit is a low-level flight down the Ewaso river, and onto a scenic route around Warigus and Mathews range. There is plenty of wildlife to see along the way, as well as pristine forest (including extremely old cycads) along the ranges, and onto Reteti Elephant Sanctuary to feed the Orphaned elephants. 

The Suguta Valley Chopper Day trip takes guests across to the edge of the Rift Valley via magnificent sheer cliffs and waterfalls. Passengers will fly around an extremely high rocky outcrop called Naturuk with fantastic bird life living on the cliffs then down through the Painted Valley and the Hudu Valley for a bite to eat and a coffee. Onto the Southern end of Turkana for some awesome Crocodile sightings and then land up on the Nabiyotum Crater. From Turkana guests fly across to Lake Logipi to see the Flamingos, Golden Jackals, and land on the lakebed flats. They then fly low and slow up the Suguta to the sand dunes where the helicopter lands so passengers can enjoy the dunes and a swim if there has been some rain and water pooled up in parts of the dunes. The tour continues flying up the Suguta to the crystal-clear fish pools for a swim, lunch and the fish throw in a pedicure for free. After lunch they fly across to Silali (another soda lake) for some more Flamingo flying before nipping up the edge of the Rift, onto the Mbata Plains, and along the Karisia Range on the way home. It's one of the most spectacular days in parts of Kenya that most Kenyans and tourists have never been to before.

The Suguta plus one-night overnight is essentially the Suguta day split overnight. Instead of doing it all in one day, we fly the guests across to Turkana's South Island (completely exclusive), where there is a rustic camp set up. We spend the late afternoon heading out on the boat fishing for Nile Perch, Tiger Fish, and Tilapia. There are some very cool Crocodile sightings, and the day concludes with a sundowner. Due to the overnight in Turkana it gives guests more time to fly across different areas at a leisurely pace.

Suguta plus two-nights is similar again but with more time down in Turkana, guests can fly around various parts of the lake and other interesting places that you wouldn't do on the one-night or Suguta Day trip. As well as lots more fishing and fun activities.