acl gifts

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Elewana Collection’s gift shops have something for everyone on your list. Handcrafted and produced locally, revenue from the purchase of each item goes to support the local community. We asked Elewana Collection’s retail team to share more about the variety of unique gifts offered at property boutiques.

Where do you source most of the products for the gift shops

We pride ourselves in sourcing the majority of our products locally within East Africa. We feel it is vitally important to support local business communities and women-driven businesses, as well as disadvantaged groups both in Kenya and Tanzania.

What unique gifts might guests find whilst staying at the camps

Guests will find a wide variety of locally sourced items as well as products specific to the area, such as glassware and wooden salad servers beaded by Maasai at Elephant Pepper Camp. We also try to keep a variety of smaller, travel-friendly items to accommodate the challenges of guest's weight restrictions when flying between camps.

Are there any gifts that are specific to certain camps or lodges

Whilst all the camps offer some items which are similar, we use different products to relate to each camp's unique topography, decor, story and wildlife. For example, at Elsa's Kopje we have books about the Adamson's Born Free adventure with Virginia Mckenna, banana fibre baobab trees and various artifacts from Mat Bronze such as lion paw pendants and trays in bronze. At Lewa Safari Camp, we focus on rhino inspired artifacts, given the conservancy’s beautiful rhino population, while Serengeti Migration Camp boasts lots of hippos! We look to change the selection of products every now and then to allow for a varied selection.

How important is it that products are ethically sourced

It is of the highest importance that all our products are ethically sourced because of Elewana's Brand positioning.

Which are the best-selling and most popular items

These tend to be brand specific, such as clothing and in particular caps, t-shirts and fleeces. Maasai inspired jewellery and beaded trinkets and artifacts are very popular in Kenya while the coffee at Arusha Coffee Lodge and The Manor, both coffee estates, are top sellers in Tanzania.

Are there any particularly good purchases to be had

We stock an assortment of African inspired jewellery such as Patrick Mavros ( Zimbabwe Jeweller) at both the Arusha Coffee Lodge and The Manor at Ngorongoro. Sally Dudmesh jewellery is available at Loisaba Lodo Springs and Tortilis Camp and Loisaba Lodo Springs carries the well-known Kenyan brand, Sandstorm, which specializes in leather and canvas bags, wallets etc. We continuously strive to support up and coming local suppliers like Bizzy Lizzy ( Lizzy Wangari) in Kenya and Buganzi in Tanzania, to name a few.

Are there any new products you are introducing in the future

We are continuously looking for new and innovative gifts and local suppliers for our retail shops.