virtual lewa safari marathon

For the second consecutive year the Lewa marathon will take place virtually with options to complete varying distances from 5km to a full marathon (42km). The Lewa marathon has raised millions of dollars to fund wildlife conservation and community development in Kenya over the last 21 years. From recovering Kenya’s black rhino population from the brink of extinction, protecting the world’s critically endangered Grevy’s zebra, and providing healthcare, water and improved infrastructure for communities, to supporting Lewa education programmes, the funds this marathon raises are invaluable. This year due to the global pandemic, the money raised will have rarely been of more critical importance.

Although running local trails, tracks and roads may not be as exciting as a wildlife conservancy, the event’s organisers are doing all they can to make the virtual race as exciting as possible; offering support and running tips from wildlife rangers, creating digital postcards, interactive maps, and ‘mini-challenges’, so the whole family can get involved.

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