Lewa Marathon

The Lewa Marathon will take place on the 25th of June this year, welcoming runners from across the globe to participate in one of the most iconic runs on the circuit. For the past two years the marathon has been held virtually so there is a huge amount of excitement surrounding the 2022 event.

To date, almost 7 million US$ has been raised through the marathon. All revenues generated continue to benefit conservation and livelihood programmes in communities surrounding Lewa and across Kenya. From saving Kenya’s Black Rhino population from extinction, to protecting the world’s critically endangered Grevy’s Zebra, to providing healthcare, clean water, and improved infrastructure for communities, to funding LWC education programmes, the funds raised by this marathon are invaluable to thousands across the country.

For further information visit https://www.lewa.org/lewa-safari-marathon-is-back-on-site/