Happy doctor and patient after treatment

7th of April marks World Health Day 2019 and we are proud to highlight the amazing work done by our charitable arm, the Land & Life Foundation in the medical support provided over the last seven years.

Since 2012, we have been partnering with the Aitong Health Centre in the Maasai Mara. Our support includes providing much-needed supplies and equipment, capacity building for staff and holding free annual medical camps open to the Maasai population in the area. Since this program started, we have treated over 3,000 people, thanks to our highly acclaimed volunteers from Kenya’s top hospitals.

The focus for the most recent camp was cervical and prostate cancer, diabetes and HIV/ AIDS screening. The volunteer doctors came from our partner Oasis Health, Kenya-wide private health facility, and were flown to the Mara courtesy of Safarilink who once again supported our efforts with provision of free or reduced rate flights.

A total of 865 patients, 588 of whom were women or girls, were given free consultation, treatment and medication including but not limited to counselling on family planning, how to protect themselves from common ailments and lifestyle illnesses, voluntary counselling and testing for HIV and diabetes, and screening for prostate cancer. Those who had wounds, skin, chest and ear infections, stomach ulcers, arthritis, cold and coughs also received free consultations and treatment.

We donated over $1,900 worth of medical supplies that included antibiotics, analgesics, antifungal, antihistamines, hormonal contraceptives, and antacids, multivitamins such as iron supplements, dewormers, as well as random blood sugar testing kit, safety boxes, syringes, examination gloves, blood pressure machines, weighing scales and many others.

In Loisaba Conservancy, the Community Liaison Officer has been visiting Ewaso Dispensary every Monday with the Clinical Heath Officer who attend to patients, as well as restocking the dispensary with medication provided by the government from Doldol. Continued support to the 15 Community Health Workers at Ewaso with funding stipends and regular training.

Ewaso dispensary Community Health Worker refresher training took place from 9th – 13th November 2018. The objectives of the refresher training was to:

  • Increase local knowledge so as to increase the effectiveness of their performance
  • Increase understanding about the influence of environmental factors on people’s heath
  • Increase capacity to discuss environmental risks with patients, parents and the entire community.

Anti-FGM training was also carried out from the 8th – 11th December 2018, with an Alternate Right of Passage Ceremony conducted on the 11th where 67 girls graduated. The training included parents, youths and local leaders, and 22 boys attended the Ceremony in support.

Through The Nature Conservancy, Loisaba has also been supporting Community Health Africa Trust, which conducts monthly outreach services to our neighbouring community conservancies. CHAT services includes: intensive health education encompassing on family planning, with a major component of ecological sensitization by CORPs using Population Health and Environment, family planning, basic curatives, immunization, ANC, CWC and HTC services.