elewana partners with Ailsas Suitcase

Sarah Weston, one of Elewana’s regular customers, recently sent three complete football kits from the UK to the remote communities that border our lodge at Loisaba Conservancy. She was amazed that they were received with such enthusiasm – not just because they could be used to play sport but because they gave young people the opportunity to train together, discuss their problems, and also to compete against other teams.

“I wondered how I might be able to send more without incurring the high cost of freight. I came up with the idea of Ailsa’s Suitcase, a plan to use second hand suitcases to carry donated clothes and educational materials which could be carried as extra luggage by passengers to Kenya. Whilst I could organise everything in the UK I needed help with logistics in Kenya itself. I was thrilled when Elewana and its affiliated charity Land and Life Foundation agreed not only to pick up the suitcases from the international airport in Nairobi but to distribute the suitcases as part of their supply chain to the lodges; suddenly there was no limit on the number of cases I could send.”

Since starting the project, Sarah has been helped by some very helpful people – several willing to hand-sew children’s clothing, and an expert web-designer – as well as those that have already donated their old suitcases and second hand clothes.

“Now we are just waiting for our first passengers to take an extra suitcase to Kenya. Everything is above board and comes with the appropriate paperwork and travellers are welcome to check the contents before they go. All they need to do is to carry the suitcase from their car to check in, and then from baggage reclaim to the Elewana driver that will be waiting for them when they arrive. What could be simpler than that?”

“For people going on safari, this is a great way to use up their baggage allowance in order to benefit remote communities in Kenya.”  

Ailsa’s Suitcase – committed to sending clothing and educational supplies to remote communities in Kenya.


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