Bless Mumuya Tarangire Treetops

We spoke with Bless Mamuya, one of Tarangire Treetops top guides, to learn more about how he became a guide and his tips on how to enjoy an exceptional and memorable safari experience.

How and why did you decide to become a guide?

After I completed my O levels, I went to college for three years to study tourism and wildlife management, which eventually led to me becoming a safari guide. Since I was young, it was my passion to become a guide. I was lucky as I was surrounded by people working in the tourism industry, so it was easier for me to make my dream a reality.

What make Tarangire Treetops so special

The beautiful treetop rooms which are built high around the baobab trees make this a very special place. We like to say it’s ‘living a dream high in the skies.’ We have a great team, and we really believe in teamwork. There are also fantastic activities to do around the area where Treetops is located including night game drives, walking safaris and a tour of a local Masai village. We also offer delicious and relaxing bush breakfasts and beautiful sundowners for guests.

What do you love most about living near Tarangire National Park

Living near the park is really nice because I have the chance to be close to wildlife. I learn a lot about the elephants, and I get to know their families very well.

What is your most memorable animal sighting

This happened when I was near the Mara River in Kenya during the great migration period. I saw a mother wildebeest manage to cross the river to the other side while the calf was not able to cross. The mother wildebeest crossed back again to pick her calf, but when they started to cross together, the mother was unfortunately caught by a crocodile. This was really sad and definitely my most memorable sighting.

What is your best tip for avoiding crowds on safari

Most of time I advise guests to travel during the shoulder or green season, as there are less people. Also, I advise them to do early morning game drives and evening game drives but in less crowded areas, so they have more freedom and intimacy with wildlife.

What is one of your favourite activities at Tarangire Treetops other than a game drive

The walking safari because you get the chance to see and learn about animal tracks, animal droppings and some little things which you cannot see, touch, or smell while you are driving. It’s also great exercise for the body.