serengeti migration

Serengeti Migration Camps guide Moses tells us how this year’s migration is progressing...

How is this year's migration looking so far?

The migration is currently following the same routes that we would expect, but no year is the same, so we anticipate some great sightings, and we are as excited as if we have never seen it before.

Have you noticed any differences due to the pandemic, and what can people expect?

With the Serengeti being so quiet for over a year, I have seen slight changes in animal behaviour especially Lions and Leopards, which are no longer so comfortable to see the vehicles.

What is your most memorable migration sighting?

This year when Wildebeest crossed Grumeti River close to our camp, my vehicle was surrounded by thousands of Wildebeest. They were coming from every direction for over 1 hour and a half, it was incredible.

What's your best tip for avoiding the crowds during migration?

The best tip is to find a good spot, to be patient and anticipate where the herds are going without following other vehicles.

Do you have a best migration fact?

Mostly food and water dictate the herds movement but other factors play their part such as safe ground for calving so they are able to see the predators. They also search out places with high minerals like the southern plains due to the volcanic eruptions which created the Ngorongoro Crater

Is there any photographic kit would you recommend for capturing the migration?

Have a good decent pair of binoculars and good camera kit with a nice, wider lens.

Any other comments that would help guests visiting during migration?

I really recommend guests to book a minimum of three nights stay at Serengeti Migration camp. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy the migrations not only crossing the river but also on the Togoro plains where there is a good chance of lots of game in the area.