AfroChic is proud to have sponsored Diani’s Sea Turtle Festival, which saw over 200 students joining from all over Kwale for a fun-filled day of activities, including friendly competitions, fantastic games and local performances.

The annual event, free for guests, spreads awareness about the health and safety of sea turtles and is held in celebration of World Sea Turtle Day (June 16th).

Representatives from Kenya Wildlife Service and other tourism authorities joined together with guests to help raise over $3,300 USD and support several local businesses and communities, including a women’s group and local artists, as well as conservation organisations like the Conservation Education Society, Diani Turtle Watch, Olive Ridley Project, Oceans Alive, Kwale Plastic Plus Collectors, Valor 2 Virtue and the REEFolution Foundation. Remaining funds will also be put towards the Marine Education Centre’s education and sea turtle awareness programmes.