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kilindi project

Kilindi Zanzibar – Elewana’s tranquil and intimate boutique hotel located on the Northwest coastline of the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar – has this week ‘handed over’ to the local fishing community at Kilindi a new community building. This was done at a ceremony held in the prescence of the Assistant Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Mohammed Said.

This building – comprising of four large office rooms, a central open air foyer and a thatched covered maintenance area, has been built in cooperation with the local community and the Ministry of Fisheries as part of the ongoing collaboration between the fishing village located close to Kilindi Zanzibar Hotel.

Richard Johnston, General Manager of Kilindi, commented, ‘I am delighted that after many months of planning and construction to be in the position we are in today to hand over the keys to these newly constructed rooms. I have no doubt that this is but the first stage in the development of a long and fruitful relationship between ourselves and the local fishing community and we are as delighted as our neighbours to be part of this important and historic day.’

Fishermen Committee Chairman Haji Khamis Haji also remarked during his speech that he believed that ‘this is the first stage of a long and lasting relationship between Kilindi and the local community.’

Other attendees at this special occasion included Makame Maneno, Committee Assistant Chairman, and Haji Makame Mshinga, the Fishermen Committee Representative.

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