Social Responsibility

The origins of our company name - Elewana - is directly from the kiswahili word meaning ’harmony’ and ‘understanding’. Elewana as company strives each and every day to demonstrate this ‘harmony’ and understanding, doing so in two very distinct ways.

Elewana has created and designed lodges and camps to have as little impact on the environment as possible. By using local materials, employing local craftsmen and recyclable products.

Elewana has not only minimised its environmental footprint but also engaged positively in local communities.

This investment in local producers and their products, coupled with an understanding of the need to be ‘green’ is much appreciated by the guests of Elewana, who in turn respond very positively to this proactive stance.

Elewana’s commitment to reducing the impact on the environment whilst maintaining and sustaining local communities continues to be of great importance to all at the company.

However the responsibilities do not end there. Elewana has been, and will continue to be, synonymous with community support and outreach, helping those who need it most and giving opportunities to those who wish to make a better life for themselves.

Each of the Elewana Collection lodges and camps works closely with local community projects, and seek wherever possible to employ and train from the local communities themselves. More details of each of the camps and lodges specific endeavors  can be found on their respective web sites.

Elewana supports a variety of causes including several local orphanages. However Elewana also recognises the desire of its guests to actively participate in helping these charities and therefore provide a unique opportunity for all those staying at an Elewana Collection property to donate, doing so safe in the knowledge that the money given goes straight to where it is needed, with no third parties involved.

Elewana will continue to strive toward creating harmony and understanding with all, and to build stronger bridges between each and every community with which it works.

If you would like to get more information regarding Elewana and their outreach programs, or simply would like to get involved in some way, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.