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Located on the banks of a river from which it has taken its name, Sand River Masai Mara is located within the Masai Mara National Reserve, close to the Tanzanian border.

Situated on a secluded and picturesque site, Sand River Masai Mara replicates the heyday of exclusive permanent tented camps of the late 1920’s.

The interior fixtures and furnishings mirror this period perfectly, reminding all who visit of those countless Hollywood movies that have paid homage to a classic era of African adventure.

Sand River Masai Mara is an ideal destination, at any time of the year, for those wishing to enjoy exceptional game-viewing. The National Reserve is best known for its large concentrations of big cats, such as leopard, cheetah and, of course, lion. Even the dramatic arrival of the Annual Migration merely adds to an already abundant resident wildlife that awaits discovery.

Sand River Masai Mara comprises of 16-tented accommodations - including 1 family tent - each divided into two separate but adjoining campsites, with each area possessing its own designated dining and public areas, thereby creating an increased sense of exclusivity and privacy.

Sand River Masai Mara will continue to demonstrate all the qualities that have made the Elewana Collection the premier choice in East Africa. With carefully crafted interior designs, exceptional standards of service, and a sublime and carefully chosen location providing optimal access to the wildlife, Sand River Masai Mara will surely become the standard to surpass.


The Masai Mara Game Reserve is often called simply “The Mara” - a Masai word meaning “mottled” - a reference to its patchy landscape.

The Reserve covers 1,510 sq km (580 sq miles) and raises 1,500-2,170 meters above sea level. The terrain of the reserve is primarily grassland and riverine forest with clumps of distinctive acacia trees. It is about 270 km from the capital city Nairobi and takes about 5-6 hours by road or 40-45 minutes by flight.

The Masai Mara ecosystem holds one of the highest lion densities in the world and this is where over two million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson gazelle migrate annually. It hosts over 95 species of mammals and 570 recorded species of birds.

The wildlife of the Masai Mara is world-renowned, with the so-called “Big Five”- buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros – evident throughout the year. The “Big Nine” - including cheetah, zebra, giraffe and hippo - extends this experience.

The Masai Mara also plays host to the ‘Annual Migration’ but whatever the time of year the resident wildlife will surely enthrall and entertain all who visit this wondrous Park.

Finally let us not forget the colourful inhabitants of this exceptional landscape. The Masai are a proud semi-nomadic cattle-rearing people with a fascinating culture, divided into a number of sub-tribes some of which share the Mara region. The Masai are an ever-present reminder of the history and cultural heritage of this sublime and enigmatic landscape, and will surely leave a lasting impression for all.

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Sand River Masai Mara Camp is located alongside the banks of the river of the same name. Close to the border of the Serengeti National Park, and within the Masai Mara National Reserve, Sand River Mara lies on the most northerly route of the spectacular Annual Migration.

  • Global coordinates: S 1°37’ 9.57” E 35°9’ 41.35”
  • Distance from Keekerok airstrip : 15km
  • Drive-time from airstrip : 45mins
  • The nearest Gates to the Camp are Sekanani (27 Km) Ololamutiek (32 Km).

For more information regarding transfer assistance, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We are delighted to answer some of your more frequently asked questions about Sand River Masai Mara Camp.

The Camp, The Design and & Its Location

When will Sand River Masai Mara Camp open?

The Camp will open on July 1st 2013.

Where is the Camp located?

The Camp is located on the banks of the Sand River and within the Masai Mara Game Reserve close to the Tanzanian border, which itself is adjacent to the Serengeti National Park.

The Global Coordinates are: S 01 37.171   E 035 09.690.

Is the Camp new, or an existing property?

Although Sand River Masai Mara Camp is a new construction designed to the very highest standards, the site itself has been used a seasonal camping area for over 25 years.

Which is the nearest Gate to the Camp?

The nearest Gates to the Camp are Sekanani (27 Km) Ololamutiek (32 Km).

Which is the nearest airstrip?

The closest airstrip is Keekorok, which is 15 kilometres away from the Camp. The next closest airstrip is Siana Springs, 34 kilometres from the Camp.

Which is the closest property to Sand River Masai Camp?

The two properties closest to the Camp are Keekorok Lodge (14 Km) and Sala’s Camp (9 Km).

Is this Camp classed as a permanent or seasonal camp?

This is a permanent camp, open all year-round.

Will the Camp be a ‘luxury camp’ similar in quality to other Elewana Collection bush properties?

Yes. The Elewana Collection is synonymous with luxuriant accommodations, high quality food and beverage, and exceptional service delivered by a highly motivated, well-trained and friendly staff. Sand River Masai Mara Camp will mirror these same high standards.

Is the Camp ‘eco-friendly’?

Yes. The Camp has been designed to minimize its ‘footprint’ on the local environment. The Camp’s design employs solar energy for the heating of water. The Camp also has a waste management system that also ensures that there is little or no impact on the environment. 

What is the interior concept of the Camp?

The Camp has been styled similarly to the exclusive permanent tented camps of the 1920’s and 30’s. The interior fixtures and furnishings mirror this period perfectly, creating a mood that is reminscent of the classic era of African adventure as captured by Hollywood movies of the time. 

Other than the Annual Migration, what other game-viewing experiences are there?

All the members of the ‘Big Five’ can be found in the Masai Mara National Reserve all year-round, but the Reserve is best known for its large concentrations of big cats, such as leopard, cheetah and, of course, lion.

The Camp also lies on the route of the Annual Migration. The Migration passes by generally in the months of September, October and November, but this timeline can vary according to the seasonal annual rains. However the abundance of resident game makes the Masai Mara an ideal destination for those wishing to enjoy exceptional game-viewing at any time of year.

The Tented Accommodations

How many tented rooms does this Camp have?

The Camp, running alongside the banks of the Sand River, has 16-tented rooms inclusive of a 2-bedroom family suite. These tented rooms are divided into two distinct accommodation areas.

The first of these accommodation areas hosts 10-tented bedrooms that are serviced by a large tented dining room, and reception area.

The second accommodation area, a short walking distance from the first, comprises of 6-tented bedrooms also serviced by a tented dining room.

It may therefore be possible for small or large groups to be accommodated ‘privately’ within their own distinct camping area, whilst enjoying their own private dining tent. This option is dependant on group numbers and the availability of rooms.

For more details on this opportunity, please contact our Reservations Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Do the tented accommodations have canvas or wooden floors?

Each of the tented accommodations has a wooden decked floor throughout and a solid wall partition between the bedroom and bathroom areas.

Do the tented accommodations have sun decks?

Yes. Each tented room has a wooden private deck area with outdoor furniture, each with a view across the Sand River.

What is the size of the tented accommodations interior?

The size of the living area within each tented bedroom - inclusive of the bathroom - is 48 square metres.

What is the configuration of the beds within the tented rooms?

The Camp can provide twin and double-bedded configurations in each of the tented accommodations. There is also a 2-bedroom family suite that offers a double-bedded room, a twin-bedded room - each with en suite bathrooms - and a central, shared lounge.

Do the tented accommodation beds have mosquito nets?

The tented accommodations are designed to be a ‘mosquito-free’ environment with all entrances and ‘windows’ benefitting from a dual system of mosquito screens and canvas.

Is there Wifi internet connection at the Camp?

There will be WiFi available in the two main reception/dining tents.

Rates, Vehicles and Other Topics.

If the Camp is within the Reserve, will the rates include Park Fees?

No. Park Fees will be charged as an additional extra.

Will the rates be on Full Board (FB) and Game Package (GP)?

Yes. ‘Full Board’ includes accommodation, meals, drinks, laundry services but excludes Park Fees. The ‘Game Package’ includes accommodation, meals, drinks, laundry services, airstrip transfers, and daily game-drives but excludes Park Fees.

Does the Camp accept credit cards?

Yes. At this time, we are happy to accept Master Card and Visa.

How many safari vehicles will you have on site?

There will be 6 safari vehicles on site each of a similar high quality and specification as to be found at our other Elewana Collection properties. There will be a combination of enclosed and open-sided vehicles, each with seating for up to seven passengers. Each passenger will have the benefit of a comfortable window seat, making the vehicles ideal for game-viewing. Each vehicle will be equipped with guide books, binoculars, and a cooler box as standard.

Is the Camp suitable for Honeymooners?

Absolutely. There are multiple romantic experiences, including private dining options, that can be created for anyone celebrating their honeymoon. In order to arrange the best possible experience for honeymooners we ask that you contact our Reservations Team for more details.

What other activities will be offered at the Camp?

The Masai Mara provides exceptional game-viewing opportunities. We offer daily game-drives with our highly experienced and well-trained guides. To complement this experience we can offer private bush luncheons, bush dinners and sundowner cocktails. In addition we can invite guests to see the Mara from a different perspective by taking to the air in a hot air balloon (flying from Keekorok).

Will the Camp be ‘child friendly’?

The Camp welcomes children of any age. Regrettably baby-sitting services are not available. A family adult must accompany the children on all activities.

Will a safari to Sand River Masai Mara Camp be suitable for families?

A wildlife safari experience can be extremely exciting and enjoyable for families.

For families wishing to stay with younger children, the Camp can offer a ‘Two Bedroom Family Suite’ – one double room with an additional twin-bedded room, both with en suite bathrooms, and sharing a central lounge area.



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