Social & Environmental Responsibility

The origin of our company name - Elewana - comes directly from the kiswahili word meaning ’harmony’ and ‘understanding’, a concept that underpins our company philosophy and influences the way we deliver unforgettable safari experiences. We continually strive to exist in harmony with our environment and surrounds.

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Land & Life Foundation

Early May 2016 saw the launch of the Land & Life Foundation, the new charitable face of Elewana. Formerly the Cheli & Peacock Trust, the new foundation will continue building on the good work of the original trust in partnership with Elewana.

Land & Life Foundation carries out its conservation and community work in the wildlife and community areas surrounding Elewana’s properties. Visit the Land & Life Foundation website to read more on its programs in Nature Conservation, School Support, Medical Support and the successful Wildlife Warrior Program. After a visit to Elewana, we are sure you will be inspired to help protect the pristine wildlife areas you have experienced and encourage you to do so via the Land & Life Foundation.

Minimising Environmental Impact, Maximizing Community Benefits

Elewana’s environmental and social philosophy gently weaves itself through your safari experience with us.

All of Elewana’s camps and lodges have been designed to have as little impact as possible on their surrounds. Many of our camps employ state-of-the-art power systems, with solar and power-storage technology to ensure minimal emissions and fuel use.

All camps and lodges employ strict recycling systems, ensuring that all recyclable waste is just that- recycled! In Tanzania, this includes sending glass waste to the Shanga workshop in Arusha, where disadvantaged Tanzanians turn the glass into amazing works of art.

Elewana is also proudly rolling out a scheme to significantly reduce plastic water bottle waste. By June this year, all our bush camps will feature Elewana reusable stainless steel water bottles to replace plastic-bottled water. Historically, when reusable bottles were introduced to six of Elewana’s camps in Kenya, this was shown to prevent over 160’000 non-biodegradable plastic bottles a year from ending up in landfills!

Many of our camps, particularly those based in community conservancies, employ approximately 50-75% of its staff from the local community ensuring many families, who were previously reliant on only livestock and agriculture, enjoy a steady income.

And wherever possible, food and supplies are sourced locally to ensure the surrounding communities feel the benefits of tourism on a commerce level. So enjoy that delicious lunch-time salad, knowing the vegetables come from a local farmer!

National and International Recognition

Gold Eco-Tourism KenyaSTI STEP-ACCOM SILVER March 2017 1Our environmentally and socially-responsible practices have seen 7 of our camps in Kenya receive Eco-Ratings from Eco-Tourism Kenya; 2 receiving Bronze and 5 a prestigious Gold!

And recently, our 5 Gold Eco-Rated properties received an international STEP certification with Sustainable Travel International. STI is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) whose core mission is to establish and manage global sustainable standards with the aim of increasing sustainable tourism knowledge and practices among public and private stakeholders.  Our accreditations were not just at entry level Bronze, but we received an unprecedented direct promotion to Silver level for all 5 properties!

So rest assured, when you enjoy a safari with Elewana, you are leaving behind a positive impact in East Africa.