About Joy’s Camp

Joy Adamson, renowned conservationist, and author of “Born Free”, chose the most spectacular site in Samburu to make her home – shaded by massive Tortilis acacias and overlooking a fertile spring, with long vistas looking west towards Bodich mountain. The site of “Joy’s Camp” was home to Joy for very many years, where she reintroduced Penny the leopard into the wild, and where she lived until her death in 1980. There are pictures of Joy’s old camp at the lodge, and a small gallery of Joy Adamson memorabilia.

Joy’s Camp was designed and built by Stefano Cheli, opening in 2006. Originally partnering with his friend Mike “Chief” Lawrence, seasoned Shaba safari guide. Stefano and Mike had both guided safaris in Shaba over the years and they chose to build on their favourite site. Sadly Mike only spent one night in Joy’s Camp before dying of a long borne illness. Stefano, Liz and their friend Stephen Hitchins bought Mike’s shares from his family, and remember their friend with fondness.

Being the third lodge built by Stefano, it too followed the hallmarks of stylish elegance, combined with sound conservation and eco-practices. A fresh design, inspired by the colours and style worn by the Boran people of the area; Joy’s Camp has breathed life back into a forgotten conservation backwater, and partners with the local community.